• Green, I need to have a talk with you about some... recent issues that have transpired in chat, but it needs to be between us.

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    • Right, I'll cut to the chase. Yes, this is LG; I can edit again September 15.

      Rylee and Dax, and by extension Xeno have done some extremely questionable things. Shortly after I left yesterday, Flame and the others got engaged in a fight which ended with Flame being banned from chat. He sent Broken to confront them on this, Dax and Rylee denied ownership other the evidence, and then either Rylee or Dax told Broken in a threatening matter not to tell you. After that, both Flame and Broken PM'd me on dA and that's how I got here.

      The thing is, though, from Flame's angle (and this is the only angle I've heard, so it's the only one I trust) Flame is completely innocent. Flame suggested adding airhorns or something to the chat, which for some reason prompted Dax, Rylee, and Xeno to start harassing him. Flame didn't argue back and kept insisting that he could do it, which ended up with him kicked. This was the point Rylee started making death threats, and from Dax's point of view it's an incredible abuse of power because from what I hear he banned Flame for essentially no reason whatsoever after engaging in harassment.

      I need your action on this. I can't do anything because my current account has been suspended as an extension of LostGod2000; thankfully the block expires in just over two weeks. Until then, I need you to do something.

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    • (I apologize for any spelling errors in advance, spellcheck isn't working for some reason)

      I banned Flame for 3 days, and I believe this was a justified decision due to him misbehaving and making Rye (Rylee) uncomfortable. I deemed that only a short time ban, so I decided on only a few days (I would have been happy to have lowered the ban to 24 hours if a situation like this ever occurred for some reason). I assumed that Flame would have quietly accepted this ban and learnt from this due to it only being for a few days and no longer, however, as I am now aware, he did not.

      The senario of what happened on chat is as follows; Flame was repetedly threatening to mess with the Wiki's code in order to set the background music in chat to an annoying sound (airhorns; as specifified), when we told him that it was not possible to do this, he continued to push the situation further in an attempt to convince us that he would do it, we told him to stop but he refused (at this point, Rye had already become incredibly uncomfortable by what he was saying, and also by his presense alone), we had told him to leave chat as it was getting seriously uncomfortable by this point, he refused and simply laughed, so I kicked him as a warning, assuming that he would realise it would be best for him to leave chat. Flame returned shortly after, stating something along the lines of "By this point I don't even care" (I can't remember word for word, but I believe it was alon those lines, if there is a log retrieved, please do correct me if I am wrong), I then banned him for a short time of 3 days as I assumed this was a fair time for a ban.

      Later, when it was just myself and Rye on chat (Xeno had to leave due to technical reasons), Bee (Broken) appeared, and all seemed to be going as normal until he began questioning about Flame's ban, which we both found particularily strange, as Bee is only a Chat Mod, whilst I am an Admin and had had the situation sorted at the time, and also the fact that he was not present at the time, so the situation had no concerns to him. He responded by saying that he wanted to know "the facts", which we had both told him (we informed him of the jist of the story), Rye was getting bothered by his continous questioning by this point, as Flame had personally upset her (by this point I was fairly irritated myself as I wished for the situation to be closed and not brought up again, at least not until after the ban expired). I will be honest and say that it may have come across as lashing out at some parts, however I did try my best to be civil and explain to Bee why this had happened as politley as I could. I will admit that Bee's reasonings did seem rather shadey at the time, and now that I am aware after reading Legg's (LG) post above, that Flame had asked Bee to speak to us, I now understand why it came across as particularily strange.

      Again, the death threats were related to Flame's presence on chat making Rye incredibly uncomfortable due to past events (something which I cannot comment on myself, as it was incredibly personal, and for the reasons which I have already said, such as not knowing the full details and such). 

      I believed that this was a responsible action to take, for his misbehaviour and mostly due to him making Rye incredibly uncomfortable, and I did not want to see the situation escalate once the death threats started, so I banned him as I thought was nessecary. I did not see it as a misuse of power as I had many reasons behind this, and if it is seen as a misuse for whatever reason, then I am deeply sorry and will try to think of any alternatives next time, but since I was the only Admin online at the time, I took the action which I saw as the most responsible to stop the conflict. 

      Short summary; I did what I thought was best to prevent the situation from escalating further on chat because of how Flame's presence was affecting Rye and how he had misbehaved on chat. I apologize if this was the wrong course of action to take, but I took my responsibilty as best that I could at the time. I do not wish to see this senario worsen, and I hope that it can all be forgiven and accepted, or whatever the outcome, I am hoping that it will be at least a somewhat positive one. 

      Also, Rye doesn't want to comment on the situation due to how uncomfortable it is making her, and I do not wish to force her into something that is going to make her even further uncomfortable than she already is, so I can't really comment any further on what will happen on that end, which I apologize for.

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    • You were just trying to do your job. And here is the only log that I have from after i refreshed.

      I have no issues with dax's reasoning. since she took it as a threat however, I said I possible COULD do it. I literally meant, it's possible to do import audio in javascript. And when I kept on insisting that, I was speaking directly to xeno who kept saying it's physically impossible. By the end of it, I did say, I'll try it on my own wikia to see if it works. And then, there was a kick; by the time I had noticed i was already editing my wiki...hence I why I said "didn't even notice I was kicked *shrugs*".

      I would have accepted the ban If I knew the reasoning. I didn't. That's why I asked broken to go there to "Get the facts." To get Clarification on why I was banned. However, I was speaking broken while you were speaking to him; he did tell me something along the lines of "we don't trust you with the log" was said to him by Rylee. Which is very very wrong to keep information from staff members if it involves a ban. Dax did say that, they didn't have any logs afterwards though.

      On the subject of threats....Death threats for not leaving ISN'T justified even if uncomfortable with them. So I'll be very honest, while I have no issues with dax's reasoning of tacking it as a threat, the other stuff, Is where I have issues.

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    • You know what? I'm sick of being talked about behind my own damn back. The shit you've done had wrecked my mind so badly I'm still trying to fucking fix it!

      You've lied to me several times, threatened my friends, and I'm fucking sick and tired of it. You know my issue with you involves a history too long to put here, and if you dare to try and fucking kick me out of the one place I felt safe... I'll leave.

      I'm not going to be treated like this, because one, it's uncalled for, and two IT WAS FOR THREE days. Bullshit that it was an abuse of power. You're just trying to manipulate everyone here to do what you want.

      You disgust me for everything that you've done, and I'm done with all of the damn support saying you're innocent, Dusk. Now stop starting drama. It's low, even for you.

      Don't talk to me ever again, because quite frankly, looking back on it all...I was stupid for ever being friends with you.

      And those threats? Though less tactful than I wanted, I feel as though they accurately display the hatred I have towards you. 

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    • Flame, I'd like to point out again that another reason for the ban was also to prevent the situation from escalating further once the threats started, I don't think that was too clear when I stated that in my POV comment, which I apologize for if it was difficult to understand, as that's my fault for not clarifying it enough to read.

      Secondly, I am male, so it's "he" please.

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    • 1. I know the reasoning now, and understand why, hence why I'm taking te ban.

      2.....I did it again? I apologize for that.

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    • Alright, I believe this is pretty much resolved then. And it's Ok

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    • My Internet was completely out yesterday and today so I didn't see this until just now. I have to apologize for that, because in the midst of this controversy I've let my wiki down, which I am meant to protect. I feel terrible for this.

      As for what had happened, as Dax said, it's pretty much resolved. Dax, I commend you for sorting through this in the manner which you did. The block will stand, LG will see this upon being unbanned. 

      Rylee and Flame, I would like to ask that you both simply stay away from each other on the wiki. If you happen to be on the chat at the same time, don't even acknowledge each other. If you see the other person on chat, please don't get on. I'm not going to enforce this, but I think it would be best for everyone if you abide by these. Also, even though this is resolved, I still would like to talk to both of you in PM just to confirm a few things

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